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Optimize Computer Memory Management and Speed up Computer Performance with Ease QuuSoft Memory Savior saves your computer from the standard Windows sluggish memory management completely out of box. It effortlessly and effectively makes your PC run much faster without being hijacked by the sluggish Windows-based memory management.

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QuuSoft Memory Savior Effortlessly Makes Your PC Run Much Faster

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Have you been suffering from insufficient computer memory?

  • Are you troubled with the slow PC performance quite often that your computer keeps notifying that you need extra RAM?
  • Are you annoyed when you can't download some favorite songs/music on your computer at the same time?
  • Are you frustrated when your programs are frequently frozen while listening to music or watching movies online?
  • Have you always been confused on whether to purchase a proper RAM to enhance your computer performance all the times?

Memory Savior is a powerful memory optimization utility that makes your PC run much faster by enhancing the available memory space with the help of our revolutionary memory optimization mechanism. It places no extra load on your computer and brings amazing optimization effects to RAM/CPU/Motherboard cache. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Windows utility designed to tackle the most difficult and crucial problems of your PC memory for game fans, 3D designers, PC users and laptop users with relatively backward hardware, etc. With QuuSoft Memory Savior, your system memory will be managed easily and effectively to properly solve the problems above and enable you enjoy more pleasure from the digital life anytime and anywhere.

What QuuSoft Memory Savior can do for you?

  • Protect your computer being suffered from the sluggish memory.
  • Optimize the specific process of any running applications to improve your overall system performance.
  • Monitor the performance of the system and the real-time information on your RAM and the CPU usage in chart patterns.
  • Release a lot of available memory space which allows you to save more favorites and run more programs at the same time.
  • Always-on and automated optimization to help you greatly enhance computer performance with ease not only saving your time, but also money and energy.

With QuuSoft Memory Savior, monitoring the overall performance of the system is not only the privilege of the specialists any more since you can optimize the specific process of the running applications on your computer so as to easily free up space on your computer and increase the speed/ overall performance of your system. All of these will make your computer run faster and better without being hijacked by the sluggish memory of the standard Windows', which will completely improve your work efficiency and draws you more amusement.

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QuuSoft Memory Savior key features

  • Recover memory leaks from unstable programs and processes.
  • Increase the amount of concurrent memory resources available.
  • Defrag and compact your physical memory to be optimally used.
  • Display real-time graph of available physical and virtual memory.
  • Easy, simple and intuitive interface for both beginners and experts.
  • Recover and allocate computer memory from Windows and your applications.
  • Let you run large applications simultaneously without slowing down your system.
  • Customize the settings for various occations to maximumize the RAM performance.

QuuSoft Memory Savior is an excellent memory optimizer which can protect your computer from being suffered by the Windows-based memory management and free up computer memory when it is running slowly, making your computer run faster and more stable.

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Customer Testimonials

Wow, wonderful, it works, tweak the physical memory for me, and get my PC much faster, recently I can play games much faster. Thanks so much, impressed!
Arlene Batchasingh

Oh, rather good software you have developed, thanks so much. It is quite simple and useful for me.
Cathy Green

Because of QuuSoft Memory Savior, I can work on a much faster speed and browse several websites at the same time which does great help to my job and rapidly improve my work efficiency. I think all of these are attributed to it.
Neal White, US

It is so easy to run it. When my friend told me about this, I doubted. But when I come to use it myself, I believe. Most of the time, what I need to do is to click the “Overall Optimize?button and then it will automatically optimize the system to the max optimization state. Next I will sit there enjoying the magic that brought by it.
Luis, US

Believe it or not. QuuSoft Memory Savior prevents my computer from crashing time to time which deeply annoyed me. But now, everything has gone and I can enjoy every online activity relaxingly now.
Mathias, Germany

With QuuSoft Memory Savior, I can easily release more available space on my computer so as to download lots of my favorite programs on my computer without affecting my overall system. I like it so much!
Lori Valenzisi, Canada

PC is faster, more effective now. As once installed and uninstalled so many applications, it used to take so much time to launch a program or execute an order. Now, it is much better, thanks Quusoft Memory Savior.
- Jerry Smith, New Orlean, US

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Wow, wonderful, it works, tweak the physical memory for me, and get my PC much faster, recently I can play games much faster. Thanks so much, impressed!
Arlene Batchasingh

I really appreciate for your good job. After installing QuuSoft Memory Savior on my computer, it runs fast as it is brand new and allows me to run large applications simultaneously without slowing down my system which I couldn't do because of the sluggish PC memory for a long time. Thanks again.
Nancy Black, UK

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