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QuuSoft Affiliate and Partner Programs

QuuSoft Affiliate Program

  • 75% commission + big bonues (up to $5 per sale)
  • 100% tracked sales (specific program builds or checkout pages)
  • Over 10 various ready-to-sell landing pages and UNLIMITED customizable requests on landing pages
  • Dedicated 1-to-1 affiliate support via Email (garrantted replied within 24 hours during the business days)

QuuSoft is a brand new program to the affiliate network, however, we have 20+ experienced inside marketing affiliates from most popular affiliate-powered networks like ClickBank, CJ and RegNow, and have developed and maintained a good relationship with the top affiliates, most of whom makes over six figures with QuuSoft through PPC, Email and other compaigns. To simply put, we do know what an affiliate does need to make as more profitable as possible.

We are now only hiring serious affiliates who can make over 100 sales per month. If you are qualified or confident to reach this level, please do contact us with the specific information below.

  • Your name:
  • Your email:
  • Your website:
  • Traffic sources (PPC, Email, etc.):

QuuSoft Partner Program

If you are interested in partnership with QuuSoft, such as regional distributor, marketing campaigns and OEM solutions, please contact us with your specific needs.